The Breakfast Boom

Serving the Unique
Needs of Today’s
Breakfast Lovers

The way people enjoy breakfast today is vastly different and more complicated than in the past. While the classic sit-down and savor breakfasts will always be with us, Smithfield Culinary also has breakfast solutions to meet today’s breakfast lovers’ more unique needs. For additional product information, contact a sales representative at 888-327-6526, or complete our contact form.

Breakfast Lovers Today: Breakfast Hits the Road

Because of their increasingly busy lifestyles, more and more consumers are eating breakfast away from home. But wherever they eat, they still look for satisfying flavor and great taste, a good value, and options they help them meet their healthful eating requirements.1

Breakfast Lovers Today: Eating on the Go

Because of the growing necessity for quick and satisfying meals, grab 'n' go breakfast options are bigger then ever with no end in sight to their popularity. So restaurants big and small are offering more and more choices that are appealing, as well as portable.

Breakfast Lovers Today: Not Just for Mornings

Round the clock, every time of day, breakfast fare has packed its bags and moved beyond mornings into non-traditional times and extended breakfast menus. Classic breakfast is taking on exciting new forms and being complemented with unique ingredients and ethnic variations.

Breakfast Lovers Today: The Generation Gaps

While the traditional sit-down breakfast spans all generations, people of different age groups also enjoy breakfast in distinctly different ways, at different times and in different places. One thing they do have in common, however? They all love breakfast!


From classic and traditional favorites to new and on-trend recipes, let Smithfield be your source for everything breakfast for your signature creations, no matter who you serve, when you serve them, or what time of day they enjoy breakfast.
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