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Chefs today have rediscovered and embraced the breakfast classic Eggs Benedict and have taken it to new levels of quality and creativity. Different carriers, different meats, different preparations and different garnishes and spices have transformed it into the current culinary “it” item. From bacon, ham and sausage, to shoulder, tenderloin and more, when it comes to this breakfast classic, the sky’s the new limit, and pork is along for its newest wave of popularity. For additional product information, contact a sales representative at 888-327-6526, or complete our contact form.

Trending up on U.S. menus, eggs Benedict has had a 25% increase in penetration over the last four years.1

How to Build an Eggs Benedict

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sausage ravy
green chile
chipolte lime
smoked bbq


Eggs Fried
poached egg
fried egg
baked egg
over easy egg
scrambled egg


sausage patty
shaved ham
pork belly
smoked sausage coins


english muffin
sliced tomato
quinoa cake
veggie patty

Unique Idea Starter:
Eggs Benedict Recipes

South of the Border

Cover fried tortillas in pulled pork, top with a poached egg and add a Mexican avocado crema.

Southern Comfort

Serve a boneless pork chop on split cornbread, top with an egg and drizzle with Cajun aioli.

Spicy Continental

On a split English muffin, add a Swiss- style pork steak; top with an egg and Béarnaise sauce.

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