A Taste of Italy

If you’re looking to bring new flavors that customers crave to your menu, look no further than adding Italian twists to figuratively and literally spice things up. Italian recipes lead the top 10 cuisines most commonly featured by operators.1 In fact, 61% of operators offer Italian cuisines or flavors on their menus.1

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to expand your deli sandwiches, pastas, pizzas or even charcuterie boards, because Margherita offers a variety of high-quality, authentic Italian meats that are guaranteed to satisfy every international craving.

61% of operators offer Italian cuisines or flavors on their menus

Rounding Out Your Menu

Whether it’s by the slice or the whole pie, pizza transforms hungry customers into loyal fans of your operation. It’s currently on 29% of operator menus, and restaurants that serve pizza have increased the number of topping options on their menus across all segments.2

Combo meat pizzas are leading entrees with global flavors, with 17% of QSR operators incorporating them into their menus.3 Additionally, mash-up pizzas are trending on menus, with breakfast pizza’s 4-year menu growth of 14%,2 and the “create-your-own pizza” craze has seen a 25% menu growth.2

When in Rome, Eat as the Romans Do

Italian foods are one of the most common cuisines served by operators and kitchens, and while basic options are still prevalent on menus, adding ethnic flavors to traditional dishes can elevate your menus and lure customers — 66% of customers like to try new flavors in recipes.3 Fifty-eight percent of FSR consumers are more likely to try new flavors on Italian menus,3 so including a mix of both new and traditional menu items can encourage customers to get out of their comfort zone or let them fall back on the classics they know and already love.

Good news for pizza and pasta — cheese is trending. Making dishes on your menus ultra-cheesy can increase interest, as 64% of consumers say they typically crave cheesy flavors in their food.3 Add specialty cheeses, such as burrata, fresh mozzarella or ricotta, to give your dish an extra touch of Italian flavor and authenticity.

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The Top Toppings

While everyone loves the basics, offering more unique pizza toppings can help attract pizza-lovers who want to expand their tastes. In fact, 80% of consumers wish that pizzerias would offer more premium, innovative options.2
Pepperoni continues to be the dominant choice for consumers, but providing a variety of meaty toppings can be a great way to appeal to protein-loving customers. Capicola and pancetta are becoming more common for pizza toppings, which is an important consideration for trendy restaurants and specialty grocers — capicola has seen a 4-year menu growth of 16%.2

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What’s on the Menu?

La Parisienne Pizza

La Parisienne Pizza
Young Joni

This nontraditional French-style pizza is a combo of prosciutto, Gruyère, ricotta, brown butter, caramelized onion, arugula, pickled mustard seed.

Chicken & Sausage Al Forno

Chicken & Sausage Al Forno
99 Restaurant & Pub

Penne pasta tossed with creamy tomato sauce, roasted chicken, sweet Italian sausage, Parmesan cheese and fresh basil, piled high with mozzarella.

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