Adding the versatility of ham to any dish creates irresistible signature menu items.

More and more operators are discovering new uses for an old favorite to transform their menus. And why not? With its distinctive flavor and incredible versatility, ham is the perfect choice to enhance any daypart and turn customers’ heads.

Featuring the finest pork, curing with care, smoking with hickory and other natural flavors, Smithfield produces its guest-pleasing hams in a variety of flavors and formats to fit your every need.

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Everyone’s favorite delicious Easter traditions – from ham to lamb?

Next to the chocolate Easter Bunny, the most ubiquitous item you’ll find on almost every table in America is ham. Not so around the globe, however. On tables worldwide you’re more apt to discover lamb. Why? Because lamb has never achieved the level of popularity in America it sees elsewhere. Amazingly, the average American eats less than a pound per year. Some reasons include that lamb is pricy, it can be challenging to cook and it’s an acquired taste.

Ham, on the other hand, is affordable, available almost everywhere, and boasts a bunch of desirable options, from honey baked and smoked to glazed and spiral sliced and on and one. And that’s why it’s the classic mealtime choice on a popularly celebrated holiday such as Easter.
In fact, according to the National Retail Federation:

From Easter to everyday, make Smithfield Culinary your first stop for the on-trend, inspired flavors and products that your customers seek.

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Ham’s popularity just keeps on growing.

According to Datassential, the ham category grew at an annual average rate of 2% from 2013- 18. So what makes it so popular? Ham is an affordable way to satisfy today’s consumers’ need for proteins in their diets. And operators appreciate its convenience. It can be ordered presliced, pre-seasoned and pre-glazed to help reduce labor and simplify back-of-house workloads. Additionally, Smithfield Culinary offers Smithfield branded hams diced, sliced, cubed or smoked to fit breakfast, salad, and on-trend recipes.

– Ham is the 2nd most menued pork cut
– Ham is the 5th most commonly used protein
– The ham category for the foodservice industry is projected to grow
at an annual average real growth rate of 2% over the next 5 years

– Operators appreciate the flavor and ease of prep of ham3

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Center-of-plate to featured ingredient. Ham It Up!

Operators wanting to add variety to their menus with new and unique can’tmiss items are turning to the distinctive deliciousness of ham. While generally considered a breakfast staple, sandwich add-on or center-of-plate item for holidays, chefs are creating new ways to feature ham’s healthy and distinctive taste. All you do is start with the expected, then Ham It Up.

For recipe inspiration on how to ham up your menu, click here.

What’s on the Menu?

Seasons 52

Seasons 52

Offer Easter dinner with choice of either glazed spiral ham or wood-grilled beef tenderloin, salad, roasted green beans, and the choice of an additional side and mini desserts.

Cracker Barrel

Cracker Barrel

Offer heat n’ serve Easter dinner in servings for 6 or 10. Pick up or delivery. Choice of sides to go along with the ham or prime rib, rolls and other dinnertime staples.

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1. Datassential Smithfield Brand Tracker, 2020