Fully cooked means total convenience

They satisfy customer cravings. They save you time and money. And they build your business fast. They’re fully cooked products from Smithfield and your customers will love them.

How do we serve up satisfaction that’s easy for you and irresistible to your customers?

By serving you meats that are already ready! Our variety of fully cooked products are perfect for the times. 28% of operators indicate they’ll increase fully cooked protein usage this year.1 From bacon, sausage and ham, to smoked products, brisket and pot roast, our proteins can take your menu to the next level and attract new customers.

Why use fully cooked meats?

  • Allows chefs to quickly create recipes that would normally take hours
  • Streamlines your back-ofhouse preparation time without sacrificing quality and flavor
  • Allows time to focus on other areas like sauces, slaws, homemade scones or breads while maintaining the high quality of the proteins

When it comes to anticipating and capitalizing on the latest trends, Smithfield Culinary is an industry leader. Let us help you discover useful insights on how fully cooked items can help to build your business.
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What the chefs are saying.

We asked our esteemed chefs who partnered with us on recipe creation for Ready, Filling and Delicious why they would use fully cooked, heat’n’eat proteins. Here’s what they said:

My strategy with using precooked products was to
think about what I could do with the time I saved.
– Myk Banas, Exec Chef at Gaylord Opryland; Nashville, TN
If you don’t have the piece of equipment that’s going
to allow you to truly slow-cook ribs and smoke them,
you need to look for an alternative to figure out how
you can. Precooked products just make sense.
– Kurt Kwiatkowski, Exec Chef at Michigan State University

Our versatile selection of fully cooked meats not only add variety to your menu, they also reduce labor and streamline back-of-house preparation. You can offer up all your customers’ favorites, but without all the hassle or expense.

Minimizing labor and streamlining your BOH.

Our fully cooked and smoked meats can be efficiently prepared by a reduced staff. Plus you don’t need specialized equipment such as smokers for BBQ. That way, you can let your staff focus on creating delicious sides as well as innovating new menu items. You’ll be able to feature guest-pleasing items that you never thought you could, without long hours of cooking and preparation. At Smithfield, we help you to work smarter, not harder.

Learn more about how fully cooked meats fit today’s foodservice landscape.

Helping to serve more segments.

Many operations in specialized segments have unique restrictions regarding what kind of foods they can serve. Some restrictions are because of costs. Others are because of space or equipment requirements or necessity of speed of service. Fully cooked and smoked meats can help overcome some of those requirements. These include:


When there are strict dietary requirements, fully cooked proteins provide the consistency they demand.

Hotels and Resorts

Many have controls in place regarding food preparation and safety.

Colleges and Universities

Costs are of utmost importance to
conform to their regulated budgets.

Explore in-depth information on each segment of foodservice.

What’s on the Menu?


Potachos Woody’s Bar-B-Q

A unique twist on nachos – crispy kettle chips loaded with BBQ pork, creamy queso, tomatoes, black olives and jalapeños, all topped with chipotle sauce.

Smokehouse Platter

Smokehouse Platter Huddle House

Featuring farm-fresh eggs, crispy hashbrowns, grits, biscuit and smoked bacon and sausage patties.

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1. Datassential Smithfield Brand Tracker, 2020