How carryout is perfect for today’s needs.

This year has been especially difficult for the foodservice industry. Shutdowns and reduced service have, sadly, become the norm for many operations. But, fortunately, consumers are slowly coming back to their favorite away-from-home foods. That’s where carryout services can play a major role. It allows them to enjoy their favorite delicious meals in a safe environment. Smithfield Culinary has the extensive portfolio of products, as well as the insights and ideas that you need to enhance your carryout menu and build business.

Who is the carryout consumer?

At of the end of July 2020, research indicated that more than half of customers were avoiding eating out.1 This block tends to skew more toward women, Gen Z, millennials and Gen X. This large group would rather go to restaurants that have takeout and/or delivery available to them, which would make them feel more comfortable and safer as well.

72% of people feel more comfortable patronizing restaurants only when they do takeout or delivery.1

While restaurants across the country are slowly reopening their dining rooms, many customers are choosing instead to be cautious and feel more comfortable eating their meals at home or through takeout. This is especially the case for younger demographics, most notably with Gen Z. Data shows that well over 76% of Gen Z consumers are more likely to go inside restaurants to pick up their order.1 It also reveals that:

77%are comfortable with getting food through a drive-through.1

76% feel safe with getting food from a curbside pickup.1

75% are comfortable with having food delivered to them.1

Overall, according to Technomic, 22% of consumers say ordering food for delivery/takeout is more part of their routine than it was two years ago, even with this year’s events.

From full service, limited service and fast-casual restaurants, to coffee shops and catering, to takeout and delivery, turn to Smithfield Culinary to help you cater to these carryout cravers.

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How you can attract more carryout customers

As consumers turn to takeout more frequently, many crave meals they love and have missed enjoying. However, as carryout continues to grow in popularity, they also are starting to look for new and unique carryout options.

32% looking for more unique ethnic flavors.2

36% wanting to see restaurants offer menu items with new and unique flavors.2

One way to attract these customers consistently is to offer interesting LTOs that offer new items on a regular basis.

According to Technomic, added value and affordability are important to consumers when considering a visit to an LSR operation. The following traffic drivers can help give your operation a competitive advantage.

50% want a convenient location
46% want low prices
46% want food that is prepared and served quickly
34% want combo meals offered
30% want restaurants to offer a value/dollar menu

Another attribute of carryout that patrons tend to appreciate is meals that allow for some preparation involvement or creativity on their parts. Many of the meals that they are seeking are comfort foods that are easy to prepare yet need some do-it-yourself help.3

73% of customers, in particular Gen Z consumers, crave dishes that allow for do-it-yourself–style cook or bake meals.
68% are looking for build-your-own pizza kits.
64% are interested in a build-your-own taco or burrito kit.

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How packaging contributes to the takeout experience

How packaging contributes to the takeout experience Carryout meals can be a fun and satisfying way for customers to enjoy an unlimited number of delicious meals. Taste is of utmost importance, but packaging may be a close second. Whether customers are eating their meal at home, at work or in transit, having meals that carryout and deliver effectively is crucial. The last thing customers want is to have their food spill in transit or not arrive as expected due to inferior packaging. And the last thing an operator wants is for a customer to have a bad takeout experience.

Effective packaging should:4
• Maintain the quality of the food
• Keep the food either warm or cold
• Be relatively easy to open
• Complement aesthetics of the food

Most notably with younger consumers, another important component of packaging is sustainable packaging. Having your operation utilize biodegradable and compostable packaging lets customers know you care about them, and the environment.5

72% want recyclable packaging
47% want packaging that can be made into compost
26% want a container made from post-consumable fiber paper
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What is on the Menu?

BBLT Sandwich
Corner Bakery

A twist on the classic. Lettuce, tomato and stacked hearty bacon, all topped with a second “B”, a zingy black pepper balsamic aioli.

Korean Pork Taco
Velvet Taco

A fusion of Mexican- and Korean-inspired flavors. A classic taco shell filled with kimchee slaw, pickled Fresno peppers and cilantro. A sweet, spicy and smoky blend of goodness!

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