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Wowing hungry customers by creating enjoyable experiences for your patrons is more important than ever, since your operations will begin to see more seats filled as public places become more open and accessible in a post-pandemic world. Luckily, Smithfield Culinary is here with all of the necessary tips, trends and insights you’ll need to bring your operation back to business as usual.

Building Around the Big 3

Bacon, ham and breakfast sausage — they’re breakfast staples your customers know and love. By using basic proteins you might alreadyhave, such as bacon, ham and breakfast sausage, your menu can feature unique, premium options and incorporate signature flavors, leaving customers, and wallets, hungry for more.

Breakfast has seen a four-year menu growth of 16.6%.1 As more people begin to indulge in the most important meal of the day, you’ll want to provide a variety of offerings that make waking up early worth it.

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Morning Handheld Options

Bacon, ham, and breakfast sausage continue to be top protein choices for consumers in the world of breakfast sandwiches. Breakfast sausage remains the top player for breakfast sandwiches, with 29% of consumers preferring it as their breakfast sandwich protein.2

Make the breakfast sandwiches available on your menu unique by adding nontraditional ingredients. While most people might expect adding cheese, other ingredients like sauces and spreads can increase your menu’s craveability. You can even replace traditional eggs with egg whites for your health-conscious customers. 61% of consumers say that they are very likely to order a sausage, egg and cheese bagel breakfast sandwich.3

As restaurants expand breakfast menu hours and offerings, breakfast sandwiches are increasingly seen as a favorite throughout the day, offering consumers a light, protein-packed option that can be ideal for lunch or as a snack. 33% of consumers consider breakfast sandwiches their favorite snacking sandwich.4

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Let’s face it, bacon is a crowd-pleaser that people start craving in the morning and continue to want and enjoy any time of day. Bacon has a 71.1% menu penetration,5 making it a necessary part of your menu offerings for every meal. According to Technomic, 65% of consumers said that bacon is their preferred pork cut. Be sure to offer bacon as a protein add-on to drive interest for the signature dishes on your menus.


With a 50% menu penetration,5 ham is a classic go-to that your customers know and expect. Featuring it as the protein star on your next sandwich or pizza immediately adds a savory, smoky flavor people crave.

Ham sandwiches are trending and continue to be a dominant protein in the sandwich category. Especially when made with high-quality ingredients, ham has seen a 45% growth over the past year.6 Bringing transparency about what ingredients go into your menu offerings lets your customers know exactly what they’re getting — and why they should come back for more.


Already a protein favorite for breakfast sandwiches, breakfast sausage’s category ownership is growing. Breakfast sausage has seen menu growth of 15% over the last four years.5 Your operation can take advantage of its versatility and complex flavors by incorporating it into traditional or global dishes across your menus.6

The Most Important Meal of All Day.

While the Big 3 breakfast proteins are considered morning staples, your operation can take advantage of their all-day versatility by featuring these fan favorites on every menu. From salads to stir-fry dishes, bacon, ham and breakfast sausage have no limitations when it comes to menu application and inspiration.

What’s on the Menu?

Carnitas and Bacon Taco

Carnitas and Bacon Taco Antique Taco

BBQ-pork carnitas taco is topped with spinach, queso, onion, avocado and a full piece of bacon for some extra-smoky flavor.

Kanela Breakfast Club

Pork & Jam Sandwich Kanela Breakfast Club

Pork & Jam Sandwich uses pork sausage topped with arugula, melted cheddar, spicy pepper jam, and a fried egg, all served on an English muffin.

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