Who would have thought that ham, of all foods, would mix with corn to make a quesadilla exciting? Or that ham would wake up a redeye gravy? If you think Farmland by Smithfield Ham is just for Sundays and special dinners, think again.


Caribbean Jerk Skillet

Sauté ham cubes with onions, apples and jerk seasoning, then serve over rice.

Fruity Ham Salad

Toss together ham cubes, mixed greens, mandarin oranges, bleu cheese crumbles, walnuts and raspberry vinaigrette.

Other Ideas

Ham and Asparagus Quiche for Easter or Mother’s Day Brunch.

Ham and Potato Chowder, perfect for cool days.

Sweet and Sour Ham

Batter and deep-fry ham cubes to add to your favorite sweet and sour pork recipe.


Honey Ham Club

Make with slices of Farmland by Smithfield Honey & Brown Sugar Pit Ham, Farmland by Smithfield Apple Cider Cured Bacon, tomato, lettuce and honey-mayonnaise.

Other Ideas

Top with seasonal fruit salsa of strawberries, mandarin oranges, slivered almonds and balsamic vinegar.

For a twist on the familiar tortellini, use Farmland by Smithfield Original Peppered Ham, peas and alfredo sauce.

Pan-Ham ‘n Egg Breakfast Sandwich

Make a breakfast sandwich using whole wheat pancakes for the bread with Farmland by Smithfield Honey & Brown Sugar Pit Ham slices, egg and Swiss cheese.

Sweet Cuban Sandwich

Made with thin slices of Farmland by Smithfield Honey & Brown Sugar Pit Ham and Farmland by Smithfield Apple Cinnamon Pork Loin, sweet pickle slices and sweet onion mustard.


Other Ideas

Add some extra pizzazz to the Farmland by Smithfield Spiral Sliced Ham. Substitute orange juice, cranberry juice or apple cider for water when preparing the glaze mix.